Tim Buell

Tim Buell

Tim is a Nashville-based touring and recording drummer and educator. When he is not touring, Tim is maintaining a roster of online and in-person drum students. He also transcribes drum parts for private clients and many of today’s leading drum educational companies:

  • 180 Drums
  • Stephen’s Drum Shed
  • Ash Soan
  • Vic Firth

To see a list of Tim’s private transcription catalog please click the button below.

Transcription Catalog


Vic Firth


Tim is both a Vic Firth artist and the transcriber for Vic Firth’s online content. This is one of many #VF15 videos Tim has transcribed for Vic Firth. See the YouTube video here.

#VF15 – PDF


Stephen’s Drum Shed

Tim has been working with Stephen to provide Stephen’s Drum Shed members with transcriptions and exercises.


180 Drums


Jake Nicolle (co-founder of 180 Drums) brought Tim on in late 2015 to work on providing transcriptions for the free form lessons 180 Drums provides their subscribers. Tim’s work for 180 Drums has included transcribing lessons from players like Stanley Randolph, Keith Stix Mcjimson, Rich Redmond, and more.


Ash Soan


Ash has hired Tim to¬†transcribe several Instagram videos and play-along tracks Ash has available in the iTunes store. Click the link below to see Tim’s work for Ash’s play-along track “The Punch”.

“The Punch” – PDF