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Tired of playing the same fills over and over? Want to learn a system that makes applying rudiments more fun and creative? Do you need to chart songs and learn music quickly for performances?


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About Tim

Tim is a professional touring and recording drummer living in Nashville, TN.

Tim has honed his craft performing with artists like Gloriana, Jana Kramer, Remedy Drive, Jeff Coffin, The Delta Saints, and many others. Tim’s touring experience, coupled with his education from Belmont University, gives him a unique and directly applicable skill set to transform skills in the practice room into a career playing music. For more information on Tim click here.


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What You Are Paying For

  • 1 on 1 instruction from a current professional in the music industry
  • Education from someone trained in music from one of the nation’s top music programs
  • INSTANT access to Tim’s “Lesson Library” of exclusive video lessons you can watch between your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly lessons


Tim's Rates

40 Minute Lesson: $30 

60 Minute Lesson: $45 

90 Minute Lesson: $60


Special Sales!

4 x 40 Minute Lessons: $95

Note: These 4 lessons are to be used within 60 days of purchase.

Tim is a recipient of a “Best of 2016” award from the website Thumbtack. To visit Tim’s profile click here. Thumbtack "Best of 2016" Award

One of the most down to earth and coolest teachers I have ever had. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Taylor Madden


In short- Tim is the complete package. He’s a really great guy, open and honest, and he’s got the experience to back him up. With Tim, it’s about the music and the challenge of learning…not the money. That’s something quite hard to come by nowadays! I’ve been to many of his shows with Remedy Drive and it’s a fun experience every time. His passion for drums and music speaks for itself- you will not be disappointed. Pick Tim as your instructor! Baron Richmond

Drummer for Loftland

I have been taking drum lessons with Tim on Skype for a while now. He is a great drummer and has a lot to share! He is able to break down complex grooves and fills so that I can learn them. He is very helpful in teaching me more about areas I want to learn. If you are looking for drum lessons, check Tim out!

Buck August


Tim is an incredible drummer and teacher. He has taken the time to get to know me and my skill set well and then tailor lessons to areas I need growth in. He provides endless resources for at home practice which has helped my musicality immensely! Brice Sturmer



Tim was recently on the 180 Drums podcast. Click the button to hear Tim talk about his musical/life journey!


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Free E-Book!

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