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Tired of playing the same fills over and over? Want to learn a system that makes applying rudiments more fun and creative? Do you need to chart songs and learn music quickly for performances?


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What You Get in a Lesson

  • 1 on 1 Instruction with professional-grade audio and video (via Skype)
  • An mp3 recording of your entire lesson
  • A link to a Dropbox folder with all the lesson materials discussed during each lesson (drumless mp3s, PDFs, exercises, etc)
  • Easy Payments via PayPal (see section below)
  • Education from a teacher with a degree from one of the nation’s top music programs – Belmont University
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Tim's Rates

40 Minute Lesson: $30 

60 Minute Lesson: $45 

90 Minute Lesson: $60

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FINE PRINT: For each lesson you purchase you get one chance to “reschedule”. Rescheduling must happen at least 24 hours prior to your lesson time. By paying, you are agreeing that if you do not reschedule more than 24 hours in advance or if you have already rescheduled a lesson once, Tim does not have to fulfill that lesson and can keep your payment. If you would like to cancel your lesson for a full refund, this must be done at least 24 hours prior to your lesson time.
Finer Print: This policy is only here to protect me from people abusing my time by having me block off a spot for a lesson that never happens. I know last minute cancellations happen, and I know you might need to reschedule a lesson more than once. These are not steadfast rules, but I reserve the right to leave it to my discretion if you do not adhere to these policies.

Happy customers.

buckthumbfinalBuck August


“I have been taking drum lessons with Tim on Skype for a while now. He is a great drummer and has a lot to share! He is able to break down complex grooves and fills so that I can learn them. He is very helpful in teaching me more about areas I want to learn. If you are looking for drum lessons, check Tim out!”



taylormaddenthumbTaylor Madden


“One of the most down to earth and coolest teachers I have ever had. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”


bricethumbBrice Sturmer


“Tim is an incredible drummer and teacher. He has taken the time to get to know me and my skill set well and then tailor lessons to areas I need growth in. He provides endless resources for at home practice which has helped my musicality immensely!”



About Tim

About Tim

Musician | Drummer | Educator

Tim is a professional touring and recording drummer living in Nashville, TN.

He has honed his craft performing with artists like Gloriana, Jana Kramer, Chris August, Remedy Drive, Jeff Coffin, Cody Fry, and many others. Tim’s touring experience, coupled with his education from Belmont University, gives him a unique and directly applicable skill set to transform skills in the practice room into a career playing music. For more information on Tim click here.

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